Year 5 Home Learning Spring Term


Research some famous modern Olympic athletes. What can find out about them? Create a fact file or write a biography about this person and their event(s). Can you find out how to write your name using the Ancient Greek alphabet? Can you find any words in English that we use today, which originated from Ancient Greek?

Complete the spelling, read theory and activities set every week by your teacher.


Investigate the life span of different tree species. Which trees have the longest life span and which have the shortest. Can you find out why? Look at the UK and foreign species too.


Do you know your Greek Gods and Goddesses? You could write a story, draw pictures, or create a play explaining how they became the God/Goddess of love, war, underworld, messages etc.

Suggested Reading

Click on the link and download a check list.


Do you know what a fraction is? Could you explain your definition to somebody else? What about percentage and decimal equivalents? What are the rules for adding and subtracting fractions (with the same denominator)?

Work through the My Maths homework tasks set every week by your teacher.


Research Ancient Greek buildings and architecture (e.g. theatres, temples, public buildings, etc.). See if you can sketch or make a model to bring in for our Greek topic display.