Year 2 - Home Learning Autumn Term


Find different materials used in your house. Are they natural or man-made? Why have these materials been used? E.g. glass for windows, wood for furniture, plastic for window frames, tiles for roofs, bricks for walls etc. Can these materials be used for different things?

Draw a picture of the outside of your house and label the different materials that have been used to build it.

Look at your family and sort them into different groupings e.g. hair colour, eye colour, height order, male/female, hand size, foot size etc

Plant bulbs and seeds. Watch how they grow.  Do they grow differently?  Try and make a book/diary about them.



Paint a dragon using as much detail as you can. You can use different media to decorate it.


Find out the main parts of a castle and what they were used for.  i.e. turrets, drawbridge, portcullis

Design your own castle showing the different parts and describe why you have chosen to include them.

Research what the different jobs in a castle were.  Which one would you like to do?

Suggested Reading

Click on the link and download a check list.


Where were castles built and why? If you had to build a castle around Goring where would you put it and why?

Explore the four countries of the UK. Think about the characteristics and features of each country. What makes Wales different from England? How is Scotland different from England?

Monitor the weather for a week – keep a diary/weather chart.  Evaluate the chart at the end of the week – how many sunny days were there against rainy days etc……



Can you design and make a 3D castle?               

Design and make a wind- up toy of your choice.


Using sweets/pasta or other suitable equipment:

Estimate how many there is in a pot or jar. Group them in different amounts to count them e.g. 2s, 5s, 10s

Number bonds to 10 and 20.

Learn your 2x, 5x and 10x tables

How could you split up (partition) 20 in different ways? You could use sticks or stones to help you represent the numbers.

Can you find doubles and halves of numbers up to 20?