Year 1 - Home Learning Autumn Term

Be king or queen of the Forest!

Can you make a leaf crown with at least 3 different leaves?

Remember to bring it into school for a sticker

Bird Spotting

You need to keep very still for this activity and have very beady eyes! Look and see how many different birds come into your garden or local park. Make a tally or download the spotter sheet and tick which ones you see.

Amazing Facts

Look on the internet, read a book or perhaps ask your mummy or daddy about woodland animals. Write down an amazing fact that you have learnt. Use your sounds to help you and remember finger spaces!

Bird House

Make a bird house for our school garden. You could use cardboard boxes, juice cartons or sticks and wood. Be creative as you like! Bring your bird house into school and we will hang it in our outside area and see what comes to visit!

Welly Wander!

Put on your wellies and go exploring. Use your senses and record your ideas. Use your sounds to help you spell. Draw your own welly wander map or click on the link and print out.


Bring into school for a sticker.

If you go down to the woods today…

Look carefully at the deer picture. What can you see? Write a list of all the things and animals you can see. Use your sounds to help you spell!

Playdough Hedgehogs

Make a playdough hedgehog. Use a variety of objects for his eyes, spikes, nose and feet. Name your hedgehog and take a photo of him or her. Write some words to describe what your hedgehog looks like. 

Bring a photo into school for a sticker.

Suggested Reading

Click on the link and download a check list.

Make a leaf Animal

Collect some leaves from your garden. Look at the chart and try to name them. Can you make an animal? Click here for a leaf chart.

Bird Feeders

Click on the bird and follow one of the recipes to make bird food. Bring in your feeder and we will hang it in our outside area and see what comes to visit! 

Beautiful gardens

Draw a picture of your garden or a local park. What colours will you use to colour your picture. Is it a sunny day or a grey cloudy day?