Reception - Home Learning Spring Term   

Build a den

Find different materials to build a den the right size for your bear.


Empty Mummy or Daddy’s purse. Can you sort and name the coins?

Make sure you put all the coins back!

Indoor games

Play a board game that involves using to dice. Can you add the number of spots together? Try playing the game with numbered dice. Can you say the stem sentence?

Hide and seek

Hide your teddy bear for someone else to find. Give them clues as to where they can find your bear. When they are close to finding your bear say hot and when they are far way say cold.


Make porridge at home. Remember to measure the ingredients carefully. Try adding different flavours. What is your favourite?

½ cup oats

½ cup water

½ cup milk

Technology count

What technology can you find in your house? Can you take photos or draw pictures? Find out how they work?


Go shopping with a grown up to a place that sells fruit. How many fruits can you name?

Draw and write a list of fruits. Bring your list into school.

Spring Walk

Go on a Spring walk with your family. What signs of Spring can you see?

Take photos or draw and label them and bring them into school to share.


Help sort the washing. Can you match the socks?

Count up how many pairs of socks you have. Now count them in sets of two e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8

Who has the longest socks? Who has the shortest socks?

What can you make out of a sock? Bring your creation to school to share.