Reception - Home Learning Summer Term   

Magic beans

Plant your own bean stalk. Remember to look after it carefully. Can you measure how tall it gets each week?

Keep a tally of how many beans you get.


How many different ways can you draw 6 spots on a lady bird? Can you try with 7 or 8 spots?




Go on a picnic. Write a list of the things you will need to take?

Sun safety

Make a poster to tell people how to stay safe in the sun. Bring you posters to school to share.

What next?

Read a story that you don’t know with a grown up. Stop before the end. What do you think will happen? Can you write your story ending?


Go on a bug hunt? What bugs can you find? Record them using pictures and labels?

Sun hats

Can you make a sun hat to keep you safe in the sun?

Speech bubbles

Draw a favourite story character. What might they be saying? Write a speech bubble for the character.

Jack and the Beanstalk Challenge

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