If you receive a positive test result outside of school office hours, please notify the school using: 


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Covid-19 information leaflet for parents letter (30th September) 

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Outbreak management plan

Goring CE Primary Covid response plan




What makes a Covid Contact?

The West Sussex Public Health team has produced the following summary from the guidance on when an individual would be considered a contact of a confirmed positive case in school, requiring them to self-isolate.

Length of time: being within a 2m proximity for 15 minutes or more on a single day - please note this can be cumulative (for e.g. three lots of 5 minutes)

Distance: being within 1m of an infectious person and: 

  • having a face to face conversation
  • being coughed on
  • having skin to skin contact
  • a minute or longer without a face to face interaction
  • Sharing a small vehicle: for any length of time with a positive case in their two week infectious period

Household contact:  Living in the same house as a positive case