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Hello! My name is Mrs Smith and I am one of the Reception teachers in the Early Years Foundation Stage. My class is called Robin class and my teaching assistant is Mrs Harman. We work together with the other teachers in Finch class to make sure learning is lots of fun. We are lucky to have plenty of space indoors and outdoors in which to learn. There are many exciting things to do and explore in our environment.

Each term we plan a different learning journey. In the Autumn term our learning journey is called Knock, Knock! We knock on lots of different doors and find out about our school, our locality and our homes. We are going to knock on the stable door next at Christmas and learn about Jesus’ first birthday. In the Spring term we go on different journeys through our theme ‘There and back again’. One of our journeys takes us on a bear hunt! In the Summer term we go 'Out and About' to find out about things that grow such as plants and animals. Our learning journeys are a little different each year because we like to make sure we have time to learn about the things you are interested in.

Mrs Smith