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Hello and welcome to Puffin Class!  My name is Miss Hancocks and I am the teacher.  I am really looking forward to a wonderful year in our classroom!

In Puffin class I encourage all children to be happy, confident and independent learners.  I like all the children to try their best at ALL times, to be kind and helpful and to keep our classroom neat and tidy.

There is a lot to look forward to in Year 4! We have exciting topics… To kick start we are learning about the Ancient Egyptians in our topic, ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’. In the Spring term we then have ‘Mighty Mountains and Raging Rivers’ and ‘Born in the USA’. In these topics, we learn all about the United States of America, the water cycle, mountains, rivers and coasts. We will start the summer term learning about our bodies – digestion, sound and teeth - it’s ‘Cool to be Me’. Our last topic is called ‘Invaders and Settlers’, where we learn all about the Vikings and Saxons in England and Europe.

What an exciting year we will have! I can’t wait to start our learning adventure together!