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My name is Mrs Leach and I am the teacher of Magpie Class in Year 2.

The teaching assistants in Year 2 are Mrs Christodoulou and Mrs Vachanni and they work with both classes.

I am really looking forward to this school year and am excited about learning lots of things with my new class. We have some fantastic topics in Year 2 and they all give the children great opportunities to explore and challenge themselves. We start off in the Autumn Term with “Knights, Castles and Dragons” in the Spring we look at “Fire and Ice” and end the year in the Summer term with our “Wild and Wonderful” topic.

I encourage the children to be as independent as possible, using resources and their peers to help them learn.  We take care of the classroom and each other. Every member of my class has an opportunity to be a Busy Bee and there are many classroom jobs to be done!

Finally, I wish the children a happy year and hope they enjoy Year 2!