Year 5 Home Learning Summer Term


Write a recount of your favourite day out in London. If you have not been, write a persuasive letter to your parents to take you there for the day.

Research what London is famous for and write a poem from the point of view of a tourist.


Do you know about the local history of your street, village or town? Research when your house was built? Is it older than Goring school? Can you find out about other local landmarks?


Go to the beach and collect a variety of different shaped shells. What can you hear when you put them to your ear? Do they all sound the same?


Can you calculate a 50%, 25% & 20% discount off your favourite computer game, shoes or pizza? Solve fraction challenges by calculating ½, ¼, ¾, 1/10,2/5 or 4/5 of an amount -please see summer maths homework sheet for more tasks and activities.

Click on the picture and complete the Summer Maths Challenge Home Learning.


Investigate rope bridges around the world, and design and make a small bridge that would support a Lego figure. Take a photograph or bring your bridge and figure into school.


Research local places of interest in Sussex and sketch buildings (e.g. The Dome cinema, pier etc) or perhaps photograph or sketch the coastline landscape.



Investigate the different types of materials in your bedroom. How many are there? Can you group these into categories? Could you photograph the collection?

Which are the most modern (recently invented) materials you can find in your house?


What type of maps can you find at home? Where can you find maps (real life and fictional)? There is another Goring Primary school in the UK – can you locate and describe where it is? How far away is France from Goring (directly across the Channel).