Year 4 - Home Learning Summer Term


  • Write your own sound poem using onomatopoeia.

  • Research information about your body (digestion, teeth, hearing etc) and how it works. Use this to create a body information booklet for us to read.
  • Read examples of Viking myths. Have a go at designing your own Viking hero or villain based on the qualities these characters should have. Write a character description for them.



  • Investigate how different materials act as conductors for sound. What materials can you hear through the best? What ones the worst? If you were to choose a material to create your own ear muffs, what material would you chose and why? 


  • Look at the teeth of animals that are herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. What do you notice?


  • Practise fractions!

Find fractions of numbers and lengths – e.g. ¼, ¾, 2/3, 3/5, 5/6 etc. Make up your own fractions but remember, a fraction must be an EQUAL part of a whole so the bottom number has to divide equally into your chosen number.

  • Solve these fraction problems:

Mr Daniel ate two quarters of his sandwich. Miss Hancocks ate 4 eighths of hers. Who ate the most? Use reasoning to explain your answer.

On Tuesday, David ran ½ a kilometre. On Wednesday, he ran ¾ and on Thursday he ran a whole kilometre and 3/5. How many km did David run in total? If he wanted to run a total of 2km, how many more metres should he run? Show how you calculated your answer.


Where are the Vikings and Saxons from? Why did they invade? What transport did they use? What did they eat? What was life like? Make a list of questions you would like to research and then find out the answers.


Draw or paint the Viking hero or villain you designed in your literacy home-learning!


Research where the Vikings and Saxons came from. Find out about this country today. What is it like? Create a country fact-file.