Year 2 - Home Learning Spring Term


Make a tally chart of your family and friends’ favourite ice lolly.


Can you put your data (information) into a pictogram or block graph?


Look in mummy’s purse!!

Adding coins – add all the 10ps – practise counting in 10s, 5ps, 2ps and 1ps.

Make different amounts with coins and record in any way you wish.



Write a story about a polar bear or penguin

Keep a diary for a week. Write about what you did each day and how you felt about some of the things that happened in your day.

Continue reading traditional tales (fairy tales).



Look at ice cubes

What properties does ice have e.g. hard/soft, rigid/flexible, transparent/opaque, brittle/ bendy/rough/ smooth.

How long do they take to melt? Do they melt at the same rate in different places? Try in the kitchen, the garden, in a cupboard, in the airing cupboard. 


Can you make a table to show your results?


Make a 3D model or mobile of a lifecycle of a polar animal and label the different stages e.g. Snowy Owl, Penguin, Seal. 


Make cakes with mum and record how the cake changes after it has been heated.


Make jelly and see how that changes when it cools.


Keep a food diary for a week and try to improve your diet.


Design a healthy meal and prepare it with an adult.


Use only cold colours to paint a picture using different shapes.

Make a collage of a polar scene.



Do your own painting in the style of Mondrian or Jackson Pollock using hot colours only.


Research an arctic or Antarctic explorer!

Show your findings in any way you like e.g. drawings, writing, PowerPoint slides or poster.

Research the houses from the time of the Fire of London. What did they look like? What were they made of? Why do you think the fire spread so quickly?

Draw a house from this time and write down your reasons for why they burned easily.


Design and make an icy looking sculpture using junk.

Design and make a vehicle using axles, wheels and a chassis. You can use construction e.g. Lego and photograph your model or use junk! If you don’t have any construction materials, you can make axles and chassis out of straws.