Year 1 - Home Learning Spring Term

Be a Weather Presenter!



Watch a weather forecast on the television. Write your own weather report and practise being on television and being a weatherboy or weathergirl. You can use any pictures or props to help you! Bring it into school to perform to the class.


Your class will decide how many stickers you should get!! 

Where in the World?

Look at some food packaging. Look carefully and try and find out where in the world it has come from. Record your findings.  Use your sounds to help you spell.

Bring into school for a sticker!

 Springtime is here!



Look at the flowers beginning to grow in your garden. Sketch a springtime flower and name it. Can you label the different parts?

Bring into school for a sticker!

Make your own Weather Station



Make your own weather station. It needs to measure how much rainfall and whether the wind in blowing. You may even be able to show which direction the wind is blowing in! You could use cardboard boxes, juice cartons or sticks and wood. Be creative as you like! Bring in your weather station into school and we will test it.

 Design and make your own mobile phone



Design and make a mobile that you would like to use. You could use some old boxes and other junk modelling bits to help you.

Bring into school for a sticker!

 Maths Challenge



A healthy maths game to keep you fit and practise your counting. How many of these can you do in a  minute?

How many jumps?

How many star jumps?

How many sit ups?

How many times can you touch your toes?

Make a pasta skeleton!


Can you make a skeleton out of pasta?

Can you remember any of the names of the bones?


Remember to and bring it into school for a sticker!

Make a Phone



Using string and plastic or paper cups make a working telephone. Can you hear each other over a short distance or over a long distance. Measure how long the string can be when you can still hear each other.

An Imaginary World….


Draw a map of an imaginary world. What would it be called? What animals would live there? What would the houses be like? Let your imagination run wild….

Bring into school for a sticker!