PE and Sports Funding Grant


The Sport Premium is an allocation of additional funding given to schools to support the development of Physical Education, School Sport and Competition. This money is ring-fenced and is due to be provided until the year 2020. All schools are required to report on the amount of funding received and how this is being used, as well as the impact this is having on pupils. This money has been provided to schools for the past three academic years and details of how the money has been spent are outlined below.


Allocation: £18,870

After a subject audit in the Summer Term of 2015-16 the school has decided to spend the 2016-17 Sport Premium money on the following:


  • To pay an annual subscription to Worthing Schools’ Sport Association (WSSA) who will offer coaching support for teachers, organise competitions, run leadership opportunities for pupils, assist with the development of the National Curriculum in PE, provide links to coaches for 'out of school hours' clubs, encourage a greater percentage of children to attend sporting clubs and much more...
  • To ‘buy in’ a sports apprentice who will work alongside class teachers and the PE Coordinator. The Sports Apprentice will support timetabled PE sessions and also help with the administration of inter and intra school competitions. Historically, this has been extremely successful and all members of staff that have received the support have said that it enhances their ability to provide engaging, challenging and inclusive PE sessions.
  • To purchase new equipment to enhance the enjoyment and opportunity for children to take part in physical activity. This has included increasing the amount of equipment available for after school clubs. Also, this additional equipment has enabled us to broaden the amount of sports being covered with high quality lessons.
  • Cover for the PE coordinator to attend CPD courses on leadership in PE
  • To pay for three additional PE courses for the two NQTs within the school, helping to enhance their delivery of a range of different sports within the PE curriculum.
  • Travel expenditure to allow more children than ever the opportunity to represent their school in competitions 

Click here to view full details of the Sports Premium allocation for 2016-2017 the effective use of PE and sports funding including impact statements.